What is Back Porch Therapy?

This name is reminiscent of the backporch lifestyle which beckons us to a simpler time - a companionable chat with a friend or neighbor bearing the “aha” of a new found solution to an everyday problem. To share a time of spirit-renewing reflection in a comfortable atmosphere, reminds us of sitting in a rocking chair on our own backporch. These private moments put us in touch with that place in us from which our best ideas come. Come sit a spell and define the possible in your life.

This is the setting Dr. Gem Moore offers you for your journey with her. The central focus is YOU...and your journey to becoming more attuned and in sync with those aspects of yourself that contribute to you being more “at home” with yourself...your heart and your goals.

Who is Gem Moore, Ph.D.:

Dr. Gem Moore, PhD• someone you can “talk with”

• someone who cares

• someone who listens

• someone who balances humor with big doses of reality

• someone to whom integrity and honesty matters

• someone who knows how vital confidentiality is

• someone who has a wide range of skills and experience.


As a faculty member for 13 years training family physicians how to relate effectively to a variety of patients and concerns, Dr. Gem recognized the need for a safe place for everyday people to voice their concerns and be heard and helped to develop options in looking at the situation from a different perspective.

Having been trained in various methods to deal with seriously disturbed patients, she acknowledged a need for a place for people to deal well with everyday problems where “labelling” as a patient did not apply. She had been involved with the concept of medicine for “the whole person” which values that the person has within him/herself the possibility of their own answers when provided with the tools to discover those answers.

Dr. Gem has been able to refine some of these tools and methods to take them into the corporate community to help individuals re-infuse passion and purpose in their commitment to lead a meaningful life and, as a result, affect the bottom line.


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology (European Campus), Melbourne FL, 1981

M.S.S.W. in Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Third Year Certificate, Community Mental Health Training Program (Consultant Training in Organizational Systems), University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Training in: Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, behavioral modification, transactional analysis (certified clinical member), gestalt, family therapy, brief therapy, Jungian dream work, voice dialogue and psychology of selves, and various alternative healing modalities. Also trained in management and supervisory skills, team building, process communication management skills.



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